Oracle StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive

Oracle Corp. announced the StorageTek T10000D tape drive, the fastest, highest capacity tape drive, providing an opportunity for cloud service providers to monetize faster than any other storage media. With 54% more capacity per cartridge over the previous generation, up to 8.5TB native, the T10000D can help customers reduce acquisition costs for data center backup by 35%.



Native 8.5TB/cartridge and transfer rate of 252MB/s


The T10000D stores and retrieves data at up to 252MB/s native, enabling customers to meet backup RTOs and archive SLAs with fewer tape drives. It can achieve data rates 57% faster than LTO-6. It is also the first tape drive with support for both 16Gb FC and 10Gb FCoE, for next generation converged data centers. The new capabilities broaden the appeal of tape storage in markets with large file assets, including media and entertainment, oil and gas, healthcare imaging, and cloud services. Cloud service providers can monetize tape faster than disk media due to its longevity, durability and lower cost. In media and entertainment, customers can store five hours of 4K digital content on a single tape cartridge and over 16 million hours of 4K content in a single Oracle StorageTek SL8500 tape library.


Additionally, with LTFS, customers can drag-and-drop multiple LTO LTFS enabled volumes onto a T10000D cartridge for large data consolidation projects. Both new digital archiving solutions are featured at the IBC2013 conference in Amsterdam. The T10000D tape drive's Data Integrity Validation (DIV) feature allows validation without requiring transfer of the data back to the application, enabling customers to schedule more frequent, less resource-intensive data integrity checks over the lifetime of their data. Supported by StorageTek Tape Analytics health monitoring and reporting software, customers can enhance long term digital data resiliency. The T10000D is backward read compatible with all three previous generation T10000 tape drives. It uses the same media as its predecessor, enabling customers to increase capacity 55% without investing in new media.


"Oracle's new StorageTek T10000D tape drive clearly demonstrates Oracle's continued leadership and innovation in enterprise tape storage technology," said James Cates, VP, hardware development, Oracle. "With the fastest and highest capacity drive available, customers can accelerate massive consolidation of long-term archives, improve data center efficiency, and lower TCO. When you add LTFS LE capabilities and Oracle innovations in both data integrity and monitoring, Oracle is taking a commanding lead in storage for long-term data retention and archiving."


Source: Storage


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